What is Build Your Academy?

January 07, 2021

Build Your Academy helps technical organizations build official, high-quality, and well-designed courses to help new users reach that “aha” moment with your product.

An academy is a place to learn and train - all great products need one to help new and existing users best learn and leverage their product.

Why Build an Academy?

People learn in different ways—some love to read docs, others watch videos, and the rest prefer examples.

Creating effective education is a challenge if you’re too close to the product, though. It can be hard to recognize the extent of your knowledge, leading to resources that leave beginners scrambling to fill in the gaps.

Build Your Academy guides you to build a well-designed course (or series of courses) to help your users truly understand your product.

Not only does it help people get up and running more quickly, but it also introduces the critical vocabulary that users are bound to see in your documentation, StackOverflow, and the community as a whole.

It’s an introduction to your ecosystem in an interesting, engaging, and fun way.

Examples of Great Academies

Let’s take a look at some examples of organizations that have already created great academies:

  • Lucidchart Basics - Lucidchart has a powerful diagramming tool. Their basics course doesn’t just tell you how to do something - they show you.
  • Jamstack Explorers - In this incredibly fun academy, the team at Netlify has created a variety of “missions” (courses) to teach you a variety of concepts related to the jamstack, ultimately getting prospective users involved with the community.
  • webflow University - Webflow’s incredible team has created a comprehensive university full of courses, lessons, and more for its users. If you’ve got a Webflow question, you can be quite confident that you can get an answer straight from the company itself.
  • MongoDB University - MongoDB has taken this concept to the next level - creating a university with numerous courses introducing all the intricacies of MongoDB to its users. When someone wants to learn MongoDB, they know exactly where to look, and MongoDB knows what their users are learning.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a resource like this supporting your product?

Who is Behind Build Your Academy?

Let me introduce myself—I’m Spencer Carli. I’ve been teaching React Native since early 2016 (eventually culminating into the academy known as React Native School). Before that, I spent time teaching outdoor survival (long story).

Tens of thousands of developers have signed up for my React Native courses, and millions more have read/watched one of my hundreds of tutorials.

In other words, I’ve spent significant time developing systems and processes for creating high-quality technical content.

Build Your Academy is a way for me to help other technology creators create highly engaging content for their users.

Build Your Academy aims to take those thousands of hours of experience and apply it to other technologies. Think of it as a developer educator for hire.

Questions about building your own academy? Contact us at hello@buildyouracademy.com.